Heather and Stephanie


As Master Estheticians with 25 years combined experience as estheticians in the skincare industry, we opened Deity in June of 2012 to offer full skincare services including facials, peels, waxing, bridal preparation, and more.

Deity was inspired by the divine in all of us. With a belief in the conscious blend of beauty, inspiration, health and well-being we strive to help clients rediscover their inner spark through innovative treatments and personalized sessions in an intimate environment. One of our joys in opening Deity was getting to create the experience we wanted our clients to have–which we hope you'll agree is truly divine.

Heather Allison & Stephanie Ferkiss
Founders & Master Estheticians



How to Quit Your Day Job Gracefully

After working at the same salon for eight years, Seattle aestheticians Stephanie Carroll and Heather Allison decided to open a skincare studio of their own. It's not uncommon for beauty professionals to retain their clientele when they jump ship, but Carroll and Allison were intent on doing so without burning bridges. . . . 

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These are a few of my favorite things

I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skin. To be completely honest, and I have friends who will kill me for saying this, I really only wash my face with water - no fancy products (makeup remover doesn't count, right?) Every now and then when I'm feeling wild I'll apply an exfoliating mask, but probably not as often as I should. . . . 

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Deity Skincare Rolls Out the Red Carpet with a New Facial

Wondering how all those celebs manage to look refreshed and positively glowing as they sashay down the red carpet? Well, listen close, because the ladies at Deity Skincare in Fremont know exactly how it's done and they can do it for you.  Yes, you read that right. You can get the same fresh-faced look you see on your favorite celebs (ehm, Kim Kardashain, Jessica Biel, Miranda Kerr...) for your big day. 

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Atelier Drome Architecture, Interior Design: Deity Skincare Spa

Deity is a new skincare studio in the Fremont / Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, offering a tranquil and stylish atmosphere for it’s clients. Our client’s space was small, so our designs were focused on efficiency. The small storefront is filled with light, with a small area for retail, waiting, and semi-private treatments. Two additional, fully private treatment rooms were incorporated and separated from the public space by archways. The use of bold colors and eclectic interior design reflect the spa’s brand and the owner’s personal style. High ceilings let a maximum amount of light filter in and allow for a layering of vertical heights.

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Deity Skincare: Hair Removal, Skin Care, Eyelash Service